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History of Lambs Christian Academy

In 1990 Elizabeth Weatherby was ready to launch a record contract singing country music. God intervened and spoke to her. He said "you shall open Christian schools in poverty areas". Elizabeth pondered these words and prayed for God to equip her and bring others alongside her in this work He had mandated. 

1994 brought the opening of a school in Atlanta, GA in the Techwood Homes government housing area, meeting three days each week. This launched the ministry known as Feed My Lambs. In 1995 the first five day school was opened in Johnny Walker Housing Development in Marietta, GA. Kathy Reynolds joined Elizabeth as the director of this location. Many schools followed in community centers, mobile homes and churches. Each location taught the Wee Learn Christian Curriculum, through learning centers with hands on activities for the children. God anointed the teachers to minister to the children socially, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically, addressing developmental needs of the whole child. 

Years later testimonies pour in from adults who were students in these schools. Many have gone on to successful careers in Education and Social Work, giving back to the communities where they were nurtured and trained in the Lord. 

In 2020, as the world struggled with Covid, Feed My Lambs reorganized into two parts. The day care model in Atlanta was moved under the umbrella of City of Refuge, maintaining the Feed My Lambs name. The half day program with schools in Austell and Marietta were organized as Lambs Christian Academy, with Elizabeth Weatherby and Kathy Reynolds as founding partners, to continue God’s calling on their lives. 

To God be the glory! Great things He has done! The vision is alive and the work continues. Schools are currently located in downtown Austell and on Austell Road in Marietta. Two more schools are planned for August 2021, one more in Marietta and one more in Austell. There are many children who need the love of Jesus and preschool education. We are grateful for God's plan for us and move forward in the work to be done.

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